Oven Cleaning

Once one of our Kent Specialist has arrive the first thing we will do is to protect the floor around the oven.  We will then inspect the oven looking for any irregularities, to ensure all components are working and if any bulbs need replacing.

We will then remove all the component parts, this includes racks, trays, back panels, fan and any other removable parts. After the oven has been stripped of all removable parts, we will then turn on your oven and allow it to get warm. (Its imperative that the oven heats up to allow our cleaning system to be effective).

Whilst the oven is warming we place all the removable oven component parts in our cleaning solution. These will begin the cleaning process.

Once the oven is hot we can begin to scrape off all the carbon that has built up around the door. We then remove the oven door to allow for better access to the main casket of the oven.

We continue to scrape off all the carbon from inside the oven and then to scrub the oven using our cleaning products.

Where possible, we will dismantle the oven door to clean the glass and remove any marks of dust build up.

Once we are happy that your oven is clean,  we then move on to clean the racks, trays and back panels that has been placed in the cleaning solution.

Once the oven has cooled down we can polish up the interior of the oven ready for the component parts to be replaced.

We can polish and shine all the components and then replace these.

The Oven Clean is now completed and we can tidy up the floor sheets and leave your kitchen the way we found it but with a nice new looking oven.